Blackwing Volume 33 1/3 (Set of 12)

SKU: 820933110894_EXT

SKU 820933110894

  • Matte black finish and ferrule
  • Black imprint and eraser
  • Glossy black foil banding
  • Made in Japan

The Blackwing line of pencils have a cult following and roots that go back to the 1930's where legends in the arts have been using Blackwing pencils for nearly a century. For everyday users and artists alike, Blackwings are the ultimate writing instruments. Drawing inspiration from the days when vinyl was all the rage, the Blackwing Volume 33 1/3 pencils give off the same smooth, timeless vibe. The pencils feature a matte black finish and ferrule to go with its black imprint and eraser. The glossy black foil banding on the body parallels the grooves on a vinyl. In the same vein vinyls are cherished, so will the Blackwing Volume 33 1/3 pencils. The Blackwing set comes with 12 exquisite pencils.


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