Blackwing Palomino Blue (Set of 12) Pencils

SKU: 820933111174_EXT

The Blackwing line of pencils have had a cult following and roots that go back to the 1930's where legends in the arts have been using Blackwing pencils for nearly a century. For everyday users and artists alike, Blackwings are the ultimate writing instruments. 

The Blackwing Palomino is the second set of the Blackwing Eras series. The pencils feature extra-firm graphite, signature gold stripe, gold Blackwing Palomino imprint, gold ferrule, and white eraser. The Blackwing set comes with 12 exquisite pencils.

SKU 820933111174

  • 12 special edition pencils
  • Extra-firm graphite
  • Gold Blackwing Palomino imprint
  • Gold ferrule
  • White eraser