Pasta del Capitano 1905 Original Recipe Toothpaste 75ml

SKU: 8002140137_EXT

SKU 8002140137

  • 75ml
  • Original recipe
  • Fresh breath, protected teeth and gums
  • Paraben-free and flouride-free
  • Made in Italy

The Ciccarelli family has been in the business of taking care of Italy's oral hygiene since 1905. The Pasta del Capitano line of oral products started with a then innovative formulation of toothpaste, which was a transformative move from powder products. The quality and safety of Pasta del Capitano products have remained at a high passionate level ever since. The Pasta del Capitano 1905 Original Recipe Toothpaste is exactly that with its mix of spearmint, cinnamon and leaves of carnation flavor. The original recipe which has been used by generations is still used by Italian families today, expanding worldwide. The toothpaste is housed in charming vintage packaging intended to be left out for display when guests are over.