Kaweco ICE Sport Fountain Pen Green

SKU: 4250278604349

SKU 4250278604349

  • Series: ICE Sport
  • Nib Size: Extra Fine
  • Length open: 4.1"
  • Length closed: 5.2"
  • Green

The Kaweco brand has a deep-rooted history dating back to 1883 and continues to produce exquisite products in the industry of writing instruments. The Kaweco line defines quality and design with its attention to detail and refinement. The Kaweco ICE Sport Fountain Pen is constructed of modern high-quality ASB/macrolon translucent plastic with silver finishes. When closed, the Kaweco Ice Sport Fountain Pen measures conveniently at 4.1". When writing with the cap mounted on the barrel, the pen measures at a full standard size of 5.2". Hold a refined Kaweco pen in your hand and make an impeccable style statement to show off your refined taste in all good things.