Blackwing Starting Point Set 602
Blackwing Starting Point Set Mixed

Blackwing Starting Point Set BW

SKU: 820933110832_EXT

SKU 820933110832

  • 6 Blackwing pencils
  • 3 Point Guards
  • 1 Long Point Sharpener
  • California Incense-cedar
  • Japanese graphite
  • German steel sharpening blades
  • Sharpener case

Blackwings are back! With a cult following and roots that go back to the 1930's, legends in the arts have been using Blackwing pencils for nearly a century. For everyday users and artists alike, Blackwings are the ultimate writing instruments. The Starting Point Set features six Blackwing pencils that are the softest of the three core Blackwing models. Included as well are three black Point Guards to protect the tips, and the Long Point Sharpener that uses a two-step process to first sharpen the wood before precisely sharpening the graphite to a long, fine point. The Blackwing pencils are crafted with California incense-cedar with a matte black finish, and smooth graphite made by Japanese artisans. The iconic ferrule design of the eraser allows replacement as needed. As much as we all appreciate the advances in technology, there is nothing like a Blackwing pencil in your hand.